Verticals & Industries

In the 5G-era of higher bandwidth, lower latency, increased predictability and control of devices, Network APIs play a vital role by enabling a variety of applications and new use-cases with greater flexibility and automation. As an enabler for 5G B2B2X value-chain, Nabstract is engaged in the development of network-exposure capabilities of 5G & Edge Cloud platform to build new differentiated services. In the evolving partnership ecosystem, wherein each service can be delivered and monetized on a slice-by-slice basis, industry-verticals like healthcare, IIoT, AR/VR and manufacturing have started demanding more customized connectivity to meet the needs of their services. Telcos have to identify the needs of these verticals and provide network as a service and scale network-resources to meet specific service-requirements. Nabstract’s Vertical Partners or industry-verticals will drive service-transformation through a broader ecosystem with specialized tasks like connected ambulances, collaborative robots, connected drones, V2X communications for vehicles, multiplayer mobile gaming and a wide array of IoT-applications.