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Add that Edge to your Business. Businesses & Developers have evolved to the adoption of the Cloud, now are facing another evolution – the Edge, Nabstract enables a seamless transition. We simplify the Edge.


Learn, Apply

Rapid adoption of being truly digital in order to perform intelligent closed loop automation will transform industrial automation, improve efficiency, enhance customer engagement experience coupled with a requirement to ensure applications (or services being consumed) perform nearby (edge or deep into the network) to the consumer/device. This will drive billions of sensors, devices, appliances to access a maze of dense distributed edge networks that offer connectivity & compute nodes to offer services. For applications on edge compute nodes to optimally perform, a way to efficiently access the resources in the edge cloud network is needed.



Enables the Applications on the Edge to seamlessly integrate into different Edge deployments models – either On Premise Edge, Telco Based Edge, Cloud Service Provider Edge or Far Edge (Devices)