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Reimagining monetization of
network-assets for Telcos
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Enabling enterprises to get
evolving use-cases with
controlled connectivity
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Empowering cloud-providers to
support applications, deployed
across different locations
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Nabstract helps in leveraging Programmability

Nabstract (Network+ Abstract) provides a platform, based on device, network & services, that converts complex network APIs into simple intent-based service APIs for Enterprises & Vertical Platform Developers.

Our Partners

Next-gen networks are accelerating exposure of the network-services and resources, as Telcos are gearing up to re-design their network-infrastructure by using an open API-network to bring critical use-cases to market.

Cloud Companies

Verticals & Industries

In the 5G-era of higher bandwidth, lower latency, increased predictability and control of devices, Network APIs play a vital role by enabling a variety of applications and new use-cases with greater flexibility and automation.

IIoT, Industry Applications

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