Nabstract is a unified service platform that enables a range of Verticals and Enterprises to leverage on the latest generation of mobile networks and their exposure-capabilities and thereby drive operational efficiencies and business-performances. The platform makes possible new use-cases that can make the most of a 5G network’s enhanced features like eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband), mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications), URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications), Edge Computing, QoS, Slicing and IoT among others. These in-built programmable features bear the promise and potential to bring in remarkable transformations across various verticals like healthcare, automotive, smart factories, mission-critical communications, transport, utilities, UAVs and others. Nabstract platform can be used by different entities, i.e. Telcos, Vertical Enterprises and Cloud Companies.

The Platform follows an open and distributed architecture wherein all the components are Kubernetes-capable and deployable across any cloud. It provides Northbound-services to Application-providers and the services can run on cloud infrastructure or on dedicated enterprise-servers.

Platform Components

Nabstract Operation Platform

Nabstract Platform can be deployed to realize the GSMA Operator Platform (OP) where the Capability Exposure Role and Service Manager Role along with the User Client (Nabstract Shadow) and the interfaces towards SBI-NR and SBI-CHF will be provided by the Platform.

Nabstract NEF

CAPIF and AF-enabler


Deployment Options and Operating Model