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Nabstract (Network+ Abstract) provides a platform, based on device, network & services, that converts complex network APIs into simple intent-based service APIs for Enterprises & Vertical Platform Developers. As an enabler for 5G B2B2X value-chain, Nabstract is engaged in the development of network exposure capabilities of 5G & Edge Cloud platform to build new differentiated services. Working with a B-2-B focus, the platform enables Telcos to get a leading edge by selling 5G-connectivity and cross-industry digital products to enterprises, realizing faster monetization from the networks. Reducing the complexity of the network infrastructure, the platform’s simple APIs streamline and accelerate application development, quickening deployment and ROI-timelines for them. With Nabstract APIs, they can integrate all the data-sources, both on-premises and on the cloud, facilitating enterprises to build, manage and scale applications across distributed environments.

Nabstract employs Open API methods by using different programming languages. The platform enables different vertical platforms related to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, smart cities, content delivery, gaming, drone applications, IoT-based applications and AR and VR applications to have vertical-specific APIs, in order to abstract relevant information from the networks.

Our Partners

Next-gen networks are accelerating exposure of the network-services and resources, as Telcos are gearing up to re-design their network-infrastructure by using an open API-network to bring critical use-cases to market. Nabstract, as a common exposure platform, plays a bridge between Telcos, Vertical Platform Developers and Cloud-providers by converting complex network APIs into simple intent-based service APIs for enterprises. Telcos need to make network-data accessible and consumable for application developers and cloud-providers to offer network as a service to enterprises for their segmented needs. As an API-based platform, Nabstract enables an ecosystem of partners to build 5G-dependent applications and empower these applications to consume securely abstracted network-services and resources from Telcos through APIs. When Telcos and cloud-providers work in tandem at the Edge, integration of functionality and management brings in a single management interface for end-customers to get a combined support.

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