the Applications
on the Far Edge

Nabstract Solutions is focussed to partner with best in class leading edge product & platform technology companies. We provide advice, work as an extended technology team for the Communication Services Providers seeking to implement Edge Networks for 5G, Enterprise, CDN, Edge AI, MEC based verticals. We are developing partnerships and invest to develop prototypes that are combination of best of breed products or industrial open source from Intel, LF EDGE, ORAN etc to ensure we accelerate solution definition for our customers, collaborate with our partners to define optimum solutions based on business outcomes.
Wi-FiAP Consumer App Public Cloud App MEC Platform Edge Platform OS –CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat Hardware, CPU, FPGA, NICCellular Base Station Edge App AgentEdge APP Influence Cloud Connecter APIProvisioning AgentLocal Breakout PublicCloud Edge Virtualization Agent Data plane OVS, DPDK, KubeOVN, CNI Local Internet Break Out 4G, 5G Core Network (4G CUPS, UPF), Integration Layer to the 4g EPC, 5GC EDGE APP Plugins Edge PaaS Enabler Edge Cloud Node Node Platform Manager Service (Far Edge, Edge) Provisioning Infra Orchestrator EDGE orchestrator AF RepoCatalog OSS UESDK Existing OrchestratorMEC Network Services API Radio CNFFar Edge Domain Orchestrator MEC Controller Agent App Edge Lifecycle Agent

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