Network Generate Events, Abstract is the Quality to generate Ideas from Events
As CSP, Cloud companies, Enterprises plan for the next stage of network rollout to address 5G services based architecture & Edge compute platform requirements to be open, and with an ability to exposure services at the edge, the direction is set for  emerging Software defined micro services deployed as virtual instances offering different functions that are deployed from far edge to the central Cloud by Intelligent Controller &  Orchestrator managed Environment.

This allows developers to extract tremendous value on how resources offered by the network in terms of connectivity, location services, compute & storage node requirements, or other Stack driven environment like blockchain, machine learning, transcoding services etc. can be consumed.
The relation between Devices, Network, Cloud will now become even more critical. Businesses & Developers will need Platforms that can provide an abstraction or specialised software modules for   network & service exposure to maximise the outcomes of this relationship. The edge cloud is made up software horizontal stacks performing different functions. Applications on the edge, would require API / SDK to leverage these functions.
Nabstract suite of APIs integrates its solution partner products that enables Application Developers, Cloud providers, Telecom Providers EDGE Services to leverage network, compute, services platforms attributes to maximize their experience for retail and enterprise customers.

Nabstract provides Services & a platform approach