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Next-gen networks are accelerating exposure of the network-services and resources, as Telcos are gearing up to re-design their network-infrastructure by using an open API-network to bring critical use-cases to market. Nabstract, as a common exposure platform, plays a bridge between Telcos, Vertical Platform Developers and Cloud-providers by converting complex network APIs into simple intent-based service APIs for enterprises. Telcos need to make network-data accessible and consumable for application developers and cloud-providers to offer network as a service to enterprises for their segmented needs. As an API-based platform, Nabstract enables an ecosystem of partners to build 5G-dependent applications and empower these applications to consume securely abstracted network-services and resources from Telcos through APIs. When Telcos and cloud-providers work in tandem at the Edge, integration of functionality and management brings in a single management interface for end-customers to get a combined support.

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