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Empowering Future Network

At Nabstract, we are building the API & SDK that will be required by the CSP to provide abstraction layer for developers and application owners, to utilize network services on demand, at the edge cloud.

To plan and build a network for Edge Cloud architecture adoption for latency sensitive eMBB, URLLC, mMTC applications, there are various groups or ecosystems at play. From open source virtualized network switching & compute management orchestration platforms, Industry funded open source platforms, MEC platforms offered by Google, AWS, Azure and specialised MEC software product & datacentre companies. The CSP (telco) or the Edge Network Provider Company  for the deployment of the MEC / edge cloud requires an extensive research, its own R&D teams and collaboration with many partners to deliver an environment for the developers and application providers to leverage potential benefits offered by MEC.

Nabstract provides consulting, solutions & services in collaboration with a consortium of partners, network providers & industry alliances to offer solution for edge cloud platforms. Our Solutions are based on Telco Edge, 5G Enterprise Edge that offer Retail, Entertainment, Industrial IOT, Communication/Access Services. We offer partner products & suite of API/SDK to our customers Telco/CSP, Edge Providers, that will integrate with MEC platform, EPC, NGC, COTS Edge Cloud Products. This enables services like resource management, traffic influence, etc to be enabled by intelligent policy driven environment based on context KPIs defined for Platform, Edge Application Services or device based (hyper localization) KPI.  


Network as a Service:
Create a platform for applications to access network services on demand anywhere anytime on any device, network (edge compute) or cloud.


Simplify the Edge:
Suite of intelligent SDK / API, to transform MEC technologies into configurable building blocks for future edge Services.


Abstract, Learn, Apply:
A model for applications to leverage network services provided by communications, access, network, cloud service providers



Intel Network

Builders Partner

Building 5G &

MEC Network Application







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